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Hey! Welcome to the TwistLock Beverage Locking System, a unique and patented collection of premium insulated drinkware and durable locking bases that ensure you Never Spill Again!

So who are we? Funny enough, the TwistLock Beverage Locking System is the brainchild of our parent company Precise Flight, Inc., which has been designing and manufacturing parts for the world's biggest airplane and helicopter manufacturers for the past 44 years.

While our core expertise is making cool stuff for the aerospace industry, we stumbled upon something pretty exciting for everyone — locking drinkware and bases that virtually eliminate spilled beverages!

Our passion for innovation led us to create the first solution to end loose drinkware and spilled beverages in aircraft in 2020. Since that original launch in the aerospace sector, the customer demand for the TwistLock Beverage Locking System has soared across various industries and lifestyles.

Whether you’re bumping around in a tractor, hitting turbulence in aircraft, or smashing through waves in your boat, we are here to help you avoid the inconvenience and risk of spilled beverages.

Enjoy your favorite beverage the TwistLock way – securely and hassle-free, wherever your adventures take you.

To learn more about Precise Flight, Inc., check out our website: https://preciseflight.com/about/

Two women holding canteen and tumbler while camping in Oregon.

A bit more...

Where is the company located?

We are located in the picturesque town of Bend, Oregon.

What's Precise Flight, Inc?

Precise Flight, Inc. is the company behind TwistLock. Our roots are in providing solutions, products, and manufacturing in the aviation and aerospace industry.

How did TwistLock start?

TwistLock was initially developed as a safety solution to prevent loose projectiles in cockpits of aircraft, namely drinkware. The elimination of spilled drinkware on instrument panels and loose objects dangerously finding their way near foot pedals was TwistLock’s inspiration.

Do you sell in stores?

Yes. You can find us at Bass Pro Shop, Cabela's, and a variety of marinas, off-roading shops, outdoor recreation stores, and other companies.

If you are interested in carrying TwistLock, visit our "Become a Dealer" page.

When was TwistLock started?

Precise Flight, Inc., the company behind TwistLock, has been around since 1980. The TwistLock product line, however, is about 4 years old.

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